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Survival Tips

6 Tips On How To Stay Calm In A Survival Situation

Life can be stressful as it is, but when you’re in a crisis, the stress can get much worse. Being a flood victim, experiencing a hurricane tear through your neighborhood, being in a war-zone, etc. are all traumatic events and situations that can leave you with frazzled nerves. If you are stressed out, you might […]

Survival Tips

Clever Uses for Chap-stick

Can you come up with some more ideas?

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Maintaining Your Health As An Older Adult

Like it or not, our nutritional needs are a matter of life or death.  Too often we take eating and what we eat for granted.  As we age, EVERYTHING ages.  Everything, literally starts to break down. Our nutritional needs change as we get older.  Ashley (in the above video) will break it all down for […]

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What is YOUR why?

Do you have a why in your life? A reason that keeps you motivated and helps you to get out of bed each morning? If you don’t you may often feel as though you are just plodding along the path of life. All you do is go through the motions of living without having anything […]

Natures Medicine

5 Natural Pain Killers