Maintaining Your Health As An Older Adult

Like it or not, our nutritional needs are a matter of life or death.  Too often we take eating and what we eat for granted.  As we age, EVERYTHING ages.  Everything, literally starts to break down.

Our nutritional needs change as we get older.  Ashley (in the above video) will break it all down for you. She explains how everything slows down, from our metabolism to our medications, as well as just not being as mobile as we once were.

It is crucial to stay hydrated, especially as we age.  If not, you can become dehydrated.  This can lead to all kinds of things. From your electrolytes getting out of balance causing you to become unstable and out of balance.  If it gets bad enough it can lead to death. One thing seems to trigger another.

Not drinking enough water can lead to becoming bloated, can cause upset stomach, constipation, insomnia, low energy, along with other normal body functions.

Too often people wait until they actually feel thirsty, but if you wait that long? It is too late.  You are supposed to drink at least half your body weight, in fluid ounces per day. 

If you are like me, I often forget or get distracted to drink as much water as you are supposed to throughout the day.  You can purchase different types of smart watches or as well as different apps that can be programmed to remind you how much water you have consumed so far.  It can be annoying but so can poor health.


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