About Me

            Hi there!


My name is Kaye Kardell.  I was born during WWII in the middle of a a black out. This was here, in the US, in Long Beach CA. (Yes we actually had blackouts in our country as it was being threatened by the Japanese during WWII.)  I have had a lot of varied life experiences over the years in this lifetime and was wanting to share information, experiences and tips that could hopefully make your life easier or to be able to bring you that ‘ah-ha’ moment.

My parents lived through the depression and I was raised with their mindset. Others who are around my age would be able to relate. Anything to remember we lived on $5 a day to remembering their first set of pots and pans that they paid 35 cents for.  Waste not wants not… you know the drill…

My grandparents were born in the late 1800’s (my grandmother lived to 100 years old!) Needless to say there were many stories as well as life experiences that have been handed down over the years. From what we hear on the news today many of us might need to go back to those long ago days as we do what we have to do and what we were taught to do in order to in order to survive.

I was raised in a rural country town. My dad was a doctor and we lived on a hill just barely in the city limits, you know snob hill? Yet, my dad would grow tomatoes on our front lawn. If he needed to move a mattress he would strap it on top of the car to move it. He was raised in Oklahoma in 1907. My mother was born in NE Washington and when they moved to California they traveled by train.  The reason I have touched on my parents and their lives in this article “About Me”, is because without them or their life’s experiences I would not be me.

I have lived on the coast, in the mountains, in the desert and now back to the country. In fact my closest neighbor is about a block away and I am surrounded by an orange grove, along with all its critters.

Because of circumstances that were out of my control and how life, happens, I am living in a travel trailer, have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Have access to 15 amps of electricity and carry my water home for drinking and personal use. One might say that I am living off the grid, but not quite. However, living this life style has given me yet another form of education, experiences and a feeling of Yes I Can.

I have had a variety of training and formal education. My education ranges from anything to being a teacher, student, truck driver, beautician, realtor, retail buyer, waitress, secretary, medical assistant, care giver, mother, grandmother, wife, divorce as well as being a widow.

Because of my circumstances and my age, along with my attitude of whatever you do, you can make it work… I landed in the world of Internet Marketing.  I was one of the few places I could still go and carve out a living and when you are sixtyncounting let’s face it, in today’s world once you are past 50 what ARE your options?

I love to learn, explore, and help people.  In fact I get into trouble because I am finally learning that not everyone wants help.  That many people just want to have someone to dump on or complain to.  This has been a difficult lesson for me and I’ve had to learn to bite my tongue and allow and let it go.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few things and just wanted to give you an idea of where I am coming from.  My goal is to be of service to you. To bring you ways that will help you learn how to work with what you have and to help prepare you for whatever the future brings.

Talk to you soon,

Kaye Kardell~